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1. Build a simple application (Front-end (Web or Mobile) and Back-end) that allows a user to register, login and add hobbies. The application would send an email and SMS notification to the user for each hobby they create.


1. Create a Bit bucket account and a repository where your code is uploaded for evaluation. This is a free service. Watch video on the link to guide you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tDMlBzv2yo

2. Use wireframes image on next page as a guide.

3. Preferred language: Front end (Framework - React or Angular), Back end (Node JS or Express) . If you are not with these please use your preferred language.

4. For Email and SMS notification use free services like Amazon SES and Twilo

5. Create a link to the application hosted on Heroku. This is also a free service. Click link to watch video to guide you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NcF1p_LRYA

6. Create an explainer video and provide us with a link describing your execution and design decisions 

7. Share the links (Code on Bitbucket, Hosting on Heroku, Explainer video on Youtube) and SIWES documents by sending us an email with the email you provided to ninjas@deliveryscience.co
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